Soul Leadership Team Coach Accredited Training Course

  • Motivate and Build a Team
  • 242819 (from pm4) level 4, 6 credits
  • The qualifying learner is capable of:
    Explaining the importance of motivating a team. Demonstrating an understanding of self and team members in a workplace. Applying theories of motivation and group dynamics. Implementing a plan of action to strengthen a team. Providing feedback and recognizing achievements.


Do you wish you could get more motivation and productivity from your team at work?  Do you wish they cared more?  Bring the soul leadership back into your organisation.


  • manage your staff optimally using The Dawning of Higher Wisdom Framework
  • lead with resilience, flexibility, agility and change
  • set appropriate goals with your staff
  • effectively coach, counsel and reprimand your employees
  • cope with conflict situations
  • improve your efficiency, productivity and overall performance
  • gain insight into your current interpersonal style and give you the option to enhance your interpersonal effectiveness by adopting new patterns of behaviour and going beyond ego
  • build a cohesive team that utilises and enhances the different strengths of each team member.