Shifting Realities Experience/ Immersion/ Online course

R 881.00

What you will get (self driven learning- do in your own time) 

  • 1 x 60-minute Coaching Call with a Top Coach,
  • 5 Knowledge Resources manuals,
  • 5 videos online,
  • 1 workbook, Action Plan and Tracking Goal Toolkit
  • Change behaviours and Beliefs
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Tools you can use again and, on your friends,
  • Future coaching session at a reduced rate




1.Shift your understanding of life and possibilities

2.Help dealing with a past crisis or conflict situation

3.Releasing old trauma/ blocks/ healing hack/dealing with indecision or self-sabotage

4.Guided through a “Change Beliefs Process”

5.and gain clarity on your soul purpose

6.Get a specific course of action

7.Meet your Parallel Self Possibility (PSP)

8.Learn to Live, Maintain New Beliefs and Your True Greatness