Abuse And Dysfunctional Behaviours – 15 Free Videos


1.       After Breaking The Abuse Cycle then Whathttp://youtu.be/QlTC0vjqMG0
2.       The Addictive Cycle Of Abusehttp://youtu.be/f85ZXKVPlrg
  1. The Co Dependant Energy Cycle we All play
  1. How do I overcome a co-dependent relationship?
5.       Dealing Assertively with Criticismhttp://youtu.be/s6FPcM0a8YE
6.       Dealing With Angerhttp://youtu.be/r5asAttOEXQ
7.       Assertively Say “NO” NOW!http://youtu.be/uV81wPiEbPo
8.       Anger:  Express or Suppress?http://youtu.be/zLB4ywnataQ
9.       Bad Boyfriend Help.http://youtu.be/uKZlGdxaNFQ
10.    Help for Housemate from hell!.http://youtu.be/GIWVTDjBsJ4
11.    Handling the Flirty Boyfriend.http://youtu.be/Yl43kWSUDEo
12.    Angst, Angered And Aggression?http://youtu.be/_KhQf6YQuxA
13.    What is your Ego state, child, adult, parent?http://youtu.be/PUhr-Q4iOxc
14.    Ego states and how do they affect you?http://youtu.be/D2Fznw2Qsmg
15.    Fighting? Conflict? Whose fault is it?http://youtu.be/Wl7nFNZ2vmA