Wendy Shuttleworth – Spiritual, Intuitive Leadership expert

Wendy Shuttleworth | Your Soul AcademyWendyGlenda Shuttleworth is an international transformation facilitator, coach, counsellor, ETQA, DHET, QCTO, SETAs, Verifier, coach and change agent. She has successfully facilitated training programmes for more than 10 000 delegates internationally. Her two decades of experience is in-depth as it is expansive. Wendy is particularly adept at developing leaders and facilitating change at every level in an organisation to help teams and people be highly effective (Self and Soul Conscious Leadership).

Wendy has a National Diploma Organisational Transformation and Change Management, National Certificate Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development, National Certificate in General Management, a National Diploma in HR Management, a National Diploma Business Consulting, a certified coach, certified Breakthrough Coach Honours and a mini MBA.

Completed POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY through The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Wendy is the author of “Your Soul Puzzle” and been quoted in: Oprah Magazine, Cosmo, Style and Longevity Magazines, on various radio shows and has 75 Free Videos on YouTube.

You might have felt abused, mistreated or experienced other negative power plays at work or home. Wendy would like to share her experiences and lessons with you. Come on a journey of exploring this phenomenal concept!

wendy@yoursoulpuzzle.co.za, +27 82 55 88 042